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Folk Horror

Acrylics on paper, 2022


Ink on paper, 2021

Ghost Woods

Acrylics on paper, 2022

Guardian Angel

Ink and Acrylics on paper, 2022


Acrylics on paper, 2022

Nail Polish Experiments

Acrylics on cardboard, 2021

Eye in the Sky

acrylics on paper, 2021


Acrylics and paintmarkers on cardboard, 2021

A cyborg witch illustration for the magazine Fett (2018, ink & photshop)

Draconic Hound, ink, coffee & acrylics, 2018

A Samurai, ink, coffee & acrylics, 2018

Necromantic, acrylics, 2017

Future Fashions, acrylics & coffee, 2018

Commissioned book illustration, acrylics, 2017

Golden Wyvern, acrylics, 2017

Visitor, acrylics, 2017

Fortress, acrylics, 2016

Thrace Italian, acrylics and ink, 2016

Commissioned cat portrait, inks and watercolours, 2018

Orc Chief, ink and coffee, 2018

A cyborg illustration for the magazine Fett (inks & photoshop, 2018)

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